HAND HELD URETHRAL STRETCHER SPECULUM. Made from the Highest Quality German Surgical Stainless Steel. Easy to use, easy to clean. Has a unique bolt feature to hold open the speculum at your desired width.

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A straight man who likes to scope out other men’s members shares his never-ending quest to see an uncircumcised penis in the flesh — all of its flesh.

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Beside bad breath and smelly armpits, penis odor is also one of the major turn offs on the male body.

Cracks, fissures and erosions in the penis can lead to secondary bacterial infection, and sexual intercourse becomes impossible because of pain induced by erections.

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Researchers tried to answer one of the most important questions to mankind: In which country do men have the largest penis size? (*couch*). Well, in African and South-American countries men seem to have the largest, and in Asian countries the smallest.